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What Makes Business Great



Article inspired by Julia Pimsleur 

5 Seeds to Sprout Success: growing a business that does well and does good” (Liz Neumark)


There are many things that make business great. Knowing that you are providing a product or service that the people (consumers) need and want is a great reward. But how do you build your businesses into a great one? There are many ways to accomplish this but hard work and dedication will always be at the top of the list.

Mistakes are good. Some may feel when you make mistakes you are failing. This isn’t the case. Mistakes help us grow as individuals as well as provide experience. The only way you will know if something works or doesn’t is by trying it out. You have to be willing to try and tweak when needed. Mistakes are probably the best teachers. Just like children, when starting out you are not aware of many things. Your parents may say not to touch the stove and prevent you from doing it. It will not be until your hand gets burned that you truly understand. 

Networking is also a key task. When done correctly you build loyalty while exposing your brand (business) to others. Taking time to develop your professional network is very important. This allows you to have options when seeking business advice as well as word of mouth marketing. It also puts you in line to meet some of the key players in your industry along with others. A strong network can assist any business small or large when used properly. Investing in your professional network is always a plus.


Nurture, Mentor, and Invest in your team. As business owners we are only as good as the people we have working with us. Investing in your business also includes investing in your team. Make sure they have all the resources they need to become better. One thing that Akutagawa International team members do is attend conferences and trade shows around the world. This allows my team members to teach what they know and learn new things from some of the front runners. Similar to a Continuing Education Unit. The world is changing so business will change along with it. It is important to stay in the loop of things. As an owner or executive of your business you have to be ready to assit when needed, offer advice, get involved, implement, and execute. 

Risk taking is a big part of starting a new business. You may offer a product or service that is already popular and have a lot of competition. No matter what the risk is, be willing to take it. Just remember to be smart about it. Like poker business uses strategy. Do not bet your entire business on a bluff if you can not afford to do so. A gambler will gamble differently depending on the money being used. If he can afford to loose it all he make take chances he normally wouldn’t. If he can’t afford to loose he will not risk a bluff that can cost him everything. It is hard to gamble with scared money. A scared business will not see the opportunities right infront of them.

Deciding what is truly important to you. The time and effort you will invest with the time and effort you expect your followers to invest will be large. You can not expect to make it if you do not believe in yourself or the purpose and mission you are trying to accomplish. Luck also plays a huge factor in this big game of business. You have to make an offer your clients can’t afford to refuse and deliver.

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What is a Leader?

We often hear the word Leader but what is a Leader really? We can give a very basic answer to this question which would be:

A leader is someone who leads.

There is a little more to it then just that. had an article written by Mike Myatt “Why you are not a leader”, and it hit a few great points. Myatt gives a lists of reasons why people are not leaders. There are quite a few individuals that believe they are leaders; however this is not the case. Leaders do not just lead. There is a lot more to the job description. 

A leader has a vision. Leaders see problems that need fixing and goals that need to be achieved. This can be things that others do not see, choose to ignore, or just don’t have what it takes to tackle. This will also bring me to the point of responsibility. When there are challenging tasks many will pass them up in fear that they might fail. The difference between a leader and a “Wanna Be” leader is that a true leader will take on any task that is needed. If their first approach fails they will only regroup and tackle the problem again and again until the results are successful. Leaders will also take responsibility for their actions and the actions of their team. A leader will not view failing the same way others do. They will see it as an opportunity to create a better strategy. 

Some of the points Myatt mentions in his article are:

* Not caring

* Getting results the wrong way

* Taking credit instead of giving it


These are excellent points. You have to care, get results the right way, and remember you didn’t complete the mission on your own. You need people to lead to be a leader. It is not enough for the leader to just have a vision. 

“Is it a passion for the idea, an inner sense of drive, or some sense of commitment? Whatever it is, it is the strength that lets leaders move their vision forward despite all the obstacles, despite all the people saying it can’t be done, it’s too costly, we tried that before, or a dozen other excuses. The true leader perseveres and moves forward.”

Some may argue if leaders are born or made. The truth is a leader can be either. No one was born a world class surgeon, the surgeon just studied hard and practiced countless years to become the best in his field. Anyone can learn to be a leader if they truly want to be one. Basic leadership skills include effective communication, motivation, and thoroughly planning. 

“Leaders dream dreams. They refuse to let anyone or anything get in the way of achieving those dreams. They are realistic, but unrelenting. They are polite, but insistent.”

At the end of the day the drive of a leader is different from the rest of the team. As a leader you want to have a vision, a good plan, a motivated team, and a goal. You want your vision to come to light, you want your team members to succeed and praise the effort of everyone as a unit. If even one person on the team fails the leader has failed, that is why leaders will continue to strive for excellence for themselves and the people that follow them on their journey. 

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Money or Mission



It is not surprising that there are many entrepreneurs around the world today. There are so many ideas for products and services and with the advancement of technology individuals stand to make a lot of money if they have good strategies. As professionals we just have to keep in mind that even the most well executed strategy can fail.


There was an article on written by Erica Swallow about a topic I recently had with some of my team members. The article “Are start up employees motivated by money”, makes people think about the real reasons that drive team members in New Business Start-ups.


Money is a very important factor and we all love it; however businesses in the early stages of development may have little or limited finances. Swallow goes to explain that employees for start-ups may be motivated by sense of purpose and mission. It is exciting that you are apart of creating something that may take the world by storm. Swallow also goes to say that most employees in start ups do not have six figure bank accounts. So what truly drives them? I still believe that money is the main motivator.



 Akutagawa International is a firm that offers low cost business services in areas such as Marketing, Commercial Real-State, Investments, Advertising, International Business, and more. As professionals we came together to provide quality services for all businesses around the world at substantially low rates. We all have experience in our fields and we extend our resources to our clients; however Akutagawa International has a few junior staff members that are not established in their fields. So, even though the executives have a steady income from our primary jobs the junior staff are still a little wet behind the ears. They also want to make enough money to be financially stable with the changing economies.


Junior staff seem to get excited over new projects especially when I decide I do not want a lot of people knowing what’s going on in the beginning. I choose several new things, hand the work to a team, give a deadline, and then see what they have come up with. They may not be making millions of dollars now but you can believe in the back of their minds they are saying “If we can pull this off $$$$”. Swallow also mentions how these employees are driven by praise and commendation. This is very gratifying but I also believe they are motivated by the money they stand to make if they do an excellent job.


Akutagawa International has made a decision to take on enterns from around the world. These individuals are driven by praise and commendation because they are still learning. they are either students in the various fields of business or graduates looking to gain some international business experience.


There is an Akutagawa Electronics junior team member that came to us about 6 months ago. This individual didn’t have much experience or education under his belt but he did have a skill. I decided to give this guy a chance. I told him the basic things he needed to learn, paired him with our Chief Technology Officer, and then gave him a task. He worked hard on that task and at times tried to give up. I didn’t let him. I eventually handed him a job that involved recovery of a system. He did about three hours of work and made $1,500. He was motivated in the beginning, ran into some trouble, kept at it and made a huge profit in the end. The money he received drove him to want to learn more. He has also assisted with the development of the Akutagawa Electronics marketing plan. He understands that he has a skill with computers, speaks four languages, and works with a firm that will help him succeed. We will nurture his gift. This opportunity stands to bring him MONEY! This is what is driving him right now.


Swallow’s article is very true when saying employees are motived by more than just money. But I still believe it is the thought of the money they stand to make that drives them to be excited in Start-ups.


Visit to view Erica Swallows full article.


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Is Your Business TumblrING?


When we think about social media marketing and advertising we think about the most common sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and so forth; however there are a few excellent sites that are overlooked.


I must admit when I heard about Tumblr I immediately thought of kids and teenagers. I have a 14 year old daughter and that is one of her favorite sites. The truth is there are more adults and business professionals on this social media site.


I came across a guest post by Hayes Davis on that sparked my interest. Davis basically speaks about this social platform that is missed by many businesses. When companies think about marketing we should want to utilize all of the resources possible. There are many free sites that offer excellent marketing exposure when used correctly. Davis mentions how most businesses have the typical Facebook and Twitter account. Most of the businesses on Twitter and Facebook do not have Tumblr. The truth is Tumblr can allow a company to do a few things. Davis says that Tumblr is the site to watch in 2013 and gave some really good points to back this up.


Davis states that the consumer in the 18 to 34 year old demographic are hooked on Tumblr. It is also no surprising that a lot of business professionals are younger these days. I recently found out today that my Director of Public Relations is on Tumblr. When I asked him what he does on the site he simply answered “Tumble”. I couldn’t help but laugh at that answer but it also allowed me to understand Davis’ article a little better. My Director of PR is 29 years old. He is a young college graduate with an executive position but at the end of the day he is like any other individual. He showed me is Tumblr account and it isn’t business oriented although he follows quiet a few businesses on the site. This made me think of how many potential clients are floating around on Tumblr?


Davis also goes on to mention how Tumblr is one of the top 10 most popular websites in the U.S. Because of this many business and brands are beginning to utilize this site for marketing efforts. He also states how brands can now tell a story when advertising, post engaging photos, etc. Akutagawa International is on just about every social website there is and Tumblr is one of them. I was just amazed at how much I wasn’t aware of. I am not my companies marketing specialist but I like to stay in the loop of things. I decided to do my own little research and Hayes Davis article came in handy.


“Tumblr is a highly visual experience, so brands can appeal to us on a visceral level through stunning images or animated GIFs that capture brief, emotional moments.”


This is a perfect way to view Tumblr. Davis also mentions that companies should treat their Tumblr like an extension of their brands. Remember to visit to see how our firm can help save you business money in 2013.


Visit to view Hayes Davis full article about a marketing site that has been overlooked.

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The Extern Experience, Students and Business come together



The phrase holds true in business as well. You can have the best man heading up your marketing department and  a world class woman in charge of your advertising; however if they can’t work together at the end of the day where does that leave your company? And a company is only as good as the men and women who run it.


Akutagawa International knows that some of the best individuals out there are the ones who aren’t even known yet. What do we mean by this? It is very simple, The Students! Some may even ask how are students any help when they do not have formal degrees yet? The answer to this question is even easier. Eager Minds!


This brings us to the externship thought. What is an externship? What is an extern?  Externships are experimental learning opportunities, very similar to internships, general offered to students in a specific major to give them short practical experience in their field of study. Not all companies offer internships or externships; however externships are becoming more popular. A lot of companies can not afford to pay interns because of budget cuts and externs do the same type of work and hold the same responsibility as interns but do not get paid for it.


This may make you now ask the question, Why would anyone work for free? It is not about the pay for these students. It is about  putting what they learned in the classroom to use. Anyone can recite theory but if you are unable to apply that theory in real world situations where does that leave you? welcomes Externs


Externs come from all over the world. Since a lot of business can be done via internet sometimes there is no need for externs to leave their own country and also get great opportunities along the way. Akutagawa International has been playing around with this idea recently. A fellow affiliate in the investment industry asked what made us give this more thought? Our Director of Business Services told him it is utilizing all opportunities. Some of the best ideas come from new minds. Students want to be their best and learn as much as they can. As an extern for Akutagawa International they get to put those ideas to the test. They stand a chance of heading up and leading  their own project,  and networking with other companies around the world. This means they get recommendations from Akutagawa International and also the companies affiliated with us.


Akutagawa International Externs get to create projects within their major of study, construct the projects in their native language, work with specialist to better their english, run the campaigns worldwide and within their country of origin. This is a great chance for the fresh mind to become engaged with the business world. Akutagawa International team members will assist throughout the process.


How does this benefit a company? The benefit is to both company and student. The student gets all of the benefits listed above and the company gets to engage with new fresh minds and ideas. Sometimes the best ideas come from the youngsters just learning the materials. They are also eager to try these new methods out. 


Make sure to Follow us on Twitter @AkutagawaUSA for more information about extern opportunities. 



Externships usually run a shorter amount of time then internships, however, Akutagawa International will allow any externs that prove exceptional work ethics continued externships. Akutagawa International provides business services in Marketing, Advertising, Social Media Marketing, Investing, Commercial & Residential Real Estate, Web Design, Portfolio Management, Finances, Electronics Repair, Service, Program and Install, Business Start-up Plans and more. Our externs will come from College and university majors in fields such as Accounting, Advertising, General Business, Management, International Business, Marketing, Business Administration, Real-Estate, Economics, Computer Information Systems, Entrepreneurship, Communication Technologies, Foreign Languages and more.  All of these majors stand to learn a lot from working with an international business firm.


Visit for a list of what our company does and how an externship may be right for you. Akutagawa International will consider externs from anywhere around the world but are currently looking to provide externships for students in U.S.A, Japan, and South Korea.

Akutagawa “More than just Business”


Akutagawa International’s search to sponsor a family



Akutagawa International is interested in more then just business. Yes we support businesses around the world but we also have personal lives and like the same things that the average person likes. This conversation came up recently from the CEO of Akutagawa International and it got me thinking. “Wow, this is a pretty cool idea. She is actually kind of awesome for thinking about it.”


The idea is very simple, she simply said “Let’s sponsor a family.” A few of us were a little confused because we thought she meant sponsoring a child. When our Chief of Technology said, “Don’t you mean sponsor a child?” She simply looked at him and said, “No a family.”



Child sponsorship is very common but after a little research I came across how many children need help. If you have 3 children that are abandon, and someone sponsors one, what about the other 2? Some families choose to keep their children and try but it is very difficult. I believe families should stay together and our CEO has a good idea. There are companies that offer the option of sponsoring a child or family. If Akutagawa International sponsors a family we will help them stay together.



So our CEO’s idea isn’t complicated. All of the Akutagawa International and Akutagawa Electronic’s team members will contribute about $5 a month. This will allow us to sponsor a family in South Korea, USA, Japan, and China.


Getting involved with the different communities around the world is great for Akutagawa International. I was a little curious about why she chose those particular countries. These are the countries that Akutagawa International and Akutagawa Electronic’s does business with as of now. She wants to sponsor families in the communities we do business with. Our staff backgrounds are from the USA, Japan, South Korea, China, South America, Middle East, and Europe. We are familiar with these communities because we are a family. We travel around the world for individual family gatherings and our team members do join us. We are a business but we are also a family and family is important. We also understand that not all families like each other. This is normal, however, no family should be separated because they can not financially support each other.


Akutagawa International will also travel to meet and interact with the families we sponsor. They will become part of our extended family and will treated as such. What can I say, Akutagawa International loves a big family.


Akutagawa International plans on visiting the families we sponsor on a regular basis. They will be our extended family.


Akutagawa International will be researching families in the regions mentioned above. If you or your organization know of any groups or families in need of sponsorship please feel free to comment on this blog, or visit our business website at and leave a message