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Can your business Adapt?


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Being able to adapt is a surviving skill. It is a survivors skill in real life and also in business. Not everyone has the ability to adapt.


ADAPT: 1. make fit for, or change to suit a new purpose

                2. adapt or conform oneself to new or different conditions


We also hear other explanations such as adaptations are basically anatomical or physiological specializations which make an organism better-suited for its environment.


When doing business we as professionals must learn how to adapt to many different situations. This post was inspired by the article “Seven Strategies for doing Business in Times of Crisis” by Fabienne Fredrickson on Forbes.com, because it makes you think of how quickly you must react to certain situations.


When an individual is unable to accomplish this it can make or break them. Sometimes not adapting quickly enough to send the wrong message. Fredrickson gives a great example of this when addressing how a businesses scheduled social media posts during a tragedy can come across as disrespectful. No one wants to know how they can save money on designer bags when 100’s just died from a plane crash. Fredrickson’s suggestion is possibly offering resources during the tragedy which is an excellent idea.


Another situation would not be considered a tragedy; however a great example. The power outage during the Super Bowl. Brands, marketers, and advertisers used quick thinking. How can we relate our product to the blackout? Brands like Tide and Oreo got really creative gaining much exposure. Thinking in real time and posting in real time was genius.


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