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What Others Say Does Matter





There are so many products and services all around the globe. Businesses put their best foot forward when marketing and advertising and their efforts do drive revenue; however is it just marketing that brings people to purchase a service or product? This isn’t always the case. Consumers like to know the experience of other consumers. It makes perfect sense. I can advertise that Apple makes the best products. The only way to validate this is to have the opinion of Apple users. 

We also have to keep in mind that not every product or service our favorite brands put out will be great. People use certain things for different reasons. If you look at smartphones and laptops for example, depending on what you are using the device for will determine the type you get. If you are using your gadgets for business then you need a device capable of handling the job you wish to perform. Again, this is only half of it. Some people prefer to work with simpler platforms than others. Something very easy to navigate, while others enjoy figuring out great complicated apps that will make their daily tasks simpler. It depends on the consumers preference.

Bottom line, consumers like to know what other consumers are doing. What they are purchasing and why? If we decide that the Samsung Galaxy looks like something we want to buy we will look into what Galaxy users have to say. Everyone will have a different opinion but we will be able to read a few to kind of get a sense of how the product works and the satisfaction of the customers.

Some may argue that customer reviews now a days are mostly fake. This is also true, but when you read a product or service review you can tell if it is questionable. Looking for reviews that go into detail is also key. If the review says “It sucks!” and nothing else, that will make you wonder. Why does it suck? We need reviews that will give detail. If the product is great, then why is it great. Consumers will like a product or service for one main reason or a few. The truth is consumers prefer customer reviews more than critics. They prefer this because the consumers are going to say if a product isn’t what it is hyped up to be.

Even with everyday products we look to others for their opinion. This is also word of mouth marketing. People share information with other people. If something is great we want to praise it to someone else. If it is horrific we want to complain about it to someone. This is just how humans are. 

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This article was inspired by Forbes.com, author Bradford Williams article “Five rules for building engagement with product reviews. Visit Forbes.com to read full article


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