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What Makes Business Great





Article inspired by Julia Pimsleur Forbes.com 

5 Seeds to Sprout Success: growing a business that does well and does good” (Liz Neumark)


There are many things that make business great. Knowing that you are providing a product or service that the people (consumers) need and want is a great reward. But how do you build your businesses into a great one? There are many ways to accomplish this but hard work and dedication will always be at the top of the list.

Mistakes are good. Some may feel when you make mistakes you are failing. This isn’t the case. Mistakes help us grow as individuals as well as provide experience. The only way you will know if something works or doesn’t is by trying it out. You have to be willing to try and tweak when needed. Mistakes are probably the best teachers. Just like children, when starting out you are not aware of many things. Your parents may say not to touch the stove and prevent you from doing it. It will not be until your hand gets burned that you truly understand. 

Networking is also a key task. When done correctly you build loyalty while exposing your brand (business) to others. Taking time to develop your professional network is very important. This allows you to have options when seeking business advice as well as word of mouth marketing. It also puts you in line to meet some of the key players in your industry along with others. A strong network can assist any business small or large when used properly. Investing in your professional network is always a plus.


Nurture, Mentor, and Invest in your team. As business owners we are only as good as the people we have working with us. Investing in your business also includes investing in your team. Make sure they have all the resources they need to become better. One thing that Akutagawa International team members do is attend conferences and trade shows around the world. This allows my team members to teach what they know and learn new things from some of the front runners. Similar to a Continuing Education Unit. The world is changing so business will change along with it. It is important to stay in the loop of things. As an owner or executive of your business you have to be ready to assit when needed, offer advice, get involved, implement, and execute. 

Risk taking is a big part of starting a new business. You may offer a product or service that is already popular and have a lot of competition. No matter what the risk is, be willing to take it. Just remember to be smart about it. Like poker business uses strategy. Do not bet your entire business on a bluff if you can not afford to do so. A gambler will gamble differently depending on the money being used. If he can afford to loose it all he make take chances he normally wouldn’t. If he can’t afford to loose he will not risk a bluff that can cost him everything. It is hard to gamble with scared money. A scared business will not see the opportunities right infront of them.

Deciding what is truly important to you. The time and effort you will invest with the time and effort you expect your followers to invest will be large. You can not expect to make it if you do not believe in yourself or the purpose and mission you are trying to accomplish. Luck also plays a huge factor in this big game of business. You have to make an offer your clients can’t afford to refuse and deliver.

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