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What is a Leader?



We often hear the word Leader but what is a Leader really? We can give a very basic answer to this question which would be:

A leader is someone who leads.

There is a little more to it then just that. Forbes.com had an article written by Mike Myatt “Why you are not a leader”, and it hit a few great points. Myatt gives a lists of reasons why people are not leaders. There are quite a few individuals that believe they are leaders; however this is not the case. Leaders do not just lead. There is a lot more to the job description. 

A leader has a vision. Leaders see problems that need fixing and goals that need to be achieved. This can be things that others do not see, choose to ignore, or just don’t have what it takes to tackle. This will also bring me to the point of responsibility. When there are challenging tasks many will pass them up in fear that they might fail. The difference between a leader and a “Wanna Be” leader is that a true leader will take on any task that is needed. If their first approach fails they will only regroup and tackle the problem again and again until the results are successful. Leaders will also take responsibility for their actions and the actions of their team. A leader will not view failing the same way others do. They will see it as an opportunity to create a better strategy. 

Some of the points Myatt mentions in his article are:

* Not caring

* Getting results the wrong way

* Taking credit instead of giving it


These are excellent points. You have to care, get results the right way, and remember you didn’t complete the mission on your own. You need people to lead to be a leader. It is not enough for the leader to just have a vision. 

“Is it a passion for the idea, an inner sense of drive, or some sense of commitment? Whatever it is, it is the strength that lets leaders move their vision forward despite all the obstacles, despite all the people saying it can’t be done, it’s too costly, we tried that before, or a dozen other excuses. The true leader perseveres and moves forward.”

Some may argue if leaders are born or made. The truth is a leader can be either. No one was born a world class surgeon, the surgeon just studied hard and practiced countless years to become the best in his field. Anyone can learn to be a leader if they truly want to be one. Basic leadership skills include effective communication, motivation, and thoroughly planning. 

“Leaders dream dreams. They refuse to let anyone or anything get in the way of achieving those dreams. They are realistic, but unrelenting. They are polite, but insistent.”

At the end of the day the drive of a leader is different from the rest of the team. As a leader you want to have a vision, a good plan, a motivated team, and a goal. You want your vision to come to light, you want your team members to succeed and praise the effort of everyone as a unit. If even one person on the team fails the leader has failed, that is why leaders will continue to strive for excellence for themselves and the people that follow them on their journey. 

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