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Is Your Business TumblrING?


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When we think about social media marketing and advertising we think about the most common sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and so forth; however there are a few excellent sites that are overlooked.


I must admit when I heard about Tumblr I immediately thought of kids and teenagers. I have a 14 year old daughter and that is one of her favorite sites. The truth is there are more adults and business professionals on this social media site.


I came across a guest post by Hayes Davis on Forbes.com that sparked my interest. Davis basically speaks about this social platform that is missed by many businesses. When companies think about marketing we should want to utilize all of the resources possible. There are many free sites that offer excellent marketing exposure when used correctly. Davis mentions how most businesses have the typical Facebook and Twitter account. Most of the businesses on Twitter and Facebook do not have Tumblr. The truth is Tumblr can allow a company to do a few things. Davis says that Tumblr is the site to watch in 2013 and gave some really good points to back this up.


Davis states that the consumer in the 18 to 34 year old demographic are hooked on Tumblr. It is also no surprising that a lot of business professionals are younger these days. I recently found out today that my Director of Public Relations is on Tumblr. When I asked him what he does on the site he simply answered “Tumble”. I couldn’t help but laugh at that answer but it also allowed me to understand Davis’ article a little better. My Director of PR is 29 years old. He is a young college graduate with an executive position but at the end of the day he is like any other individual. He showed me is Tumblr account and it isn’t business oriented although he follows quiet a few businesses on the site. This made me think of how many potential clients are floating around on Tumblr?


Davis also goes on to mention how Tumblr is one of the top 10 most popular websites in the U.S. Because of this many business and brands are beginning to utilize this site for marketing efforts. He also states how brands can now tell a story when advertising, post engaging photos, etc. Akutagawa International is on just about every social website there is and Tumblr is one of them. I was just amazed at how much I wasn’t aware of. I am not my companies marketing specialist but I like to stay in the loop of things. I decided to do my own little research and Hayes Davis article came in handy.


“Tumblr is a highly visual experience, so brands can appeal to us on a visceral level through stunning images or animated GIFs that capture brief, emotional moments.”


This is a perfect way to view Tumblr. Davis also mentions that companies should treat their Tumblr like an extension of their brands. Remember to visit http://akutagawainternational.com to see how our firm can help save you business money in 2013.


Visit Forbes.com to view Hayes Davis full article about a marketing site that has been overlooked.

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