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Akutagawa “More than just Business”


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Akutagawa International’s search to sponsor a family



Akutagawa International is interested in more then just business. Yes we support businesses around the world but we also have personal lives and like the same things that the average person likes. This conversation came up recently from the CEO of Akutagawa International and it got me thinking. “Wow, this is a pretty cool idea. She is actually kind of awesome for thinking about it.”


The idea is very simple, she simply said “Let’s sponsor a family.” A few of us were a little confused because we thought she meant sponsoring a child. When our Chief of Technology said, “Don’t you mean sponsor a child?” She simply looked at him and said, “No a family.”



Child sponsorship is very common but after a little research I came across how many children need help. If you have 3 children that are abandon, and someone sponsors one, what about the other 2? Some families choose to keep their children and try but it is very difficult. I believe families should stay together and our CEO has a good idea. There are companies that offer the option of sponsoring a child or family. If Akutagawa International sponsors a family we will help them stay together.



So our CEO’s idea isn’t complicated. All of the Akutagawa International and Akutagawa Electronic’s team members will contribute about $5 a month. This will allow us to sponsor a family in South Korea, USA, Japan, and China.


Getting involved with the different communities around the world is great for Akutagawa International. I was a little curious about why she chose those particular countries. These are the countries that Akutagawa International and Akutagawa Electronic’s does business with as of now. She wants to sponsor families in the communities we do business with. Our staff backgrounds are from the USA, Japan, South Korea, China, South America, Middle East, and Europe. We are familiar with these communities because we are a family. We travel around the world for individual family gatherings and our team members do join us. We are a business but we are also a family and family is important. We also understand that not all families like each other. This is normal, however, no family should be separated because they can not financially support each other.


Akutagawa International will also travel to meet and interact with the families we sponsor. They will become part of our extended family and will treated as such. What can I say, Akutagawa International loves a big family.


Akutagawa International plans on visiting the families we sponsor on a regular basis. They will be our extended family.


Akutagawa International will be researching families in the regions mentioned above. If you or your organization know of any groups or families in need of sponsorship please feel free to comment on this blog, or visit our business website at http://akutagawainternational.com and leave a message


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