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Remember ALL Businessmen


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To prosper soundly in business, you must satisfy not only your customers, but you must lay yourself out to satisfy also the men who make your product and the men who sell it.


This is an excellent quote. Why? Because as professionals we sometimes forget the importance of everyone on our team. Think about it. We are the best because we work with the best. If a restaurant owner is known for his fish, why is he known? Is it the owner who is known or the chef who prepares it? What about the people who deliver the fish? Lets go deeper, what about the individuals who actually catch the fish?


When you work for a company everyone is important. Even down to your cleaning lady. She makes sure that the work place is fit for working. The individual who drives you around or even organizes your schedule are important. The men that produce your product or service are important, the people who sell it are important. This is forgotten to often.


As Chairmen, CEO’s, and Presidents we must realize that we have to put ourselves on the line. Keep our men/woman motivated and reward them for their hard work, dedication, and loyalty. 

Building loyalty within your company is as important as your customers. Listen to your team, hear their complaints and praises. Offer solutions. We all work together.

Remember a team isn’t only the members in your office. If you offer different services then the outsources become team members too. Take the time to listen and change if needed. It will prove to be a great decision when managing others.


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