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Does your business use the right apps?




Is your company using the best Apps?



There are so many apps to choose from in 2012. There will be more to choose from in the future. The major point is not which apps are better but which applications will assist you with your business. 


There are plenty to choose from; however depending on the type of company you own or work for will play a big part.  You can use just about any app but you want what will target your audience. An example would be a photographer that has an Instagram app on his/her smartphone or tablet device. This will allow for pictures which is important to someone in the photography field.


If your company deals with investments and stocks then you would definitely want an app that allows you to follow the changes in the stock market. 


Social Media Marketing is very popular so having the apps easy to access is a good move. You can bounce between the ones most in use such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and linkedIn.


Follow your favorite blogs and post relevant information while on the go. Downloading your blog apps is a great idea to write when you have time. Maybe you just came across something during travel that will benefit your clients or followers. Just start typing and post. The more we share with others, the more they will look for us when they need information or advice.


There are many apps that are low cost but many great ones are absolutely free. Check out the 15 Best Free Business Tools (Apps) 





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