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What you need to know about your Smartphone





When your lifeline has a problem!



Akutagawa International gave a lot of thought to the big boom in electronics and technology. We also considered the idea of developing a specific product that consumers would like and need, however, we realized something when coming up with this concept.



There are many large companies that produce great products. Customers also look forward to these products. When conducting a simple survey on the street of Manhattan New York we learned a lot. One of the things we learned about is how many problems (simple and complex) that customers have with their gadgets.


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A simple question of “What type of new electronic products do you look for?” turned quickly into, “This button doesn’t work, do you know why?”


Common Smartphone Issues

Water Damage

Light Break

Defective Speakers

Cracked Screen



The products that we look for from companies do have a tendency to break. Most customers don’t want to spend 30 minutes on the phone with Jack from trouble shooting who is asking questions that they believe are common sense.



One man actually told an Akutagawa Electronics Specialists:


“It’s annoying having someone tell you, turn off the device, turn it back on, type this here, what does it say now? I work 2 jobs and supporting a family. I do not have the time to sit with “Jack” on the phone for close to an hour!”


How many of us have been in this situation when trying to troubleshoot our devices?



So now that we are listening to the customers we realize there is another service that is just as important. Repair Services! Some of our Tech guys fixed a few simple problems right on the street. This was a courtesy for the customers helping Akutagawa International along with Akutagawa Electronics come up with a better idea.




We already offered Service, Repair, Program, and Install services for our clients but we didn’t understand how big of a need it really is. We understand that you are already busy individuals and it is not time efficient to stop your hectic day to deal with the complications of these devices. We have partnered up with some great technology specialists and technicians. They are able to handle most problems and they are also able to work with people around the world. It doesn’t matter what the issue is or where you are located. Tell our team the problem, ship the device or drop it off, and that is it!


Follow us on Twitter @AkutagawaTech for special deals and discounts. Have a question? Leave a message on our website http://akutagawainternational.com, or Tweet us. You can even leave a comment on our Facebook page at Akutagawa Electronics. We will answer your questions and try to direct you in the right direction. We are here to help!


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