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Creative and Derivative Innovations – Strategy and Marketing


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A technology acquaintance of mine, with little or no business school training or experience, had asked me how one develops a product that would be financially successful.  I thought to myself that his seemingly simple question Imagewould require a  lot more explorations since the issue was truly complex.  Since I address Strategy in previous blogs, I never addressed directly what role does innovation play within strategy. In essence, innovation is the general technique to outmaneuver a competitor. Another way is to restate the question: what kinds of innovation might be created that meets the need of the market?  And is innovation enough to gain financial traction in the market?

I personally break down innovation into two groups: creative innovation and derivative innovation.

A)     Creative Innovation

To me, creative innovation is the creation of a product that is so disruptive that creates a new paradigm.  Leonardo Da Vinci comes to mind immediately. …

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