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Akutagawa International is your business service super depot. This means we offer just about every business service a company may need.  It can be a hassel dealing with different firms for different services. Imagine having one Company that can take care of them all? Having one consultant that knows which services your business needs and making sure everything runs smoothly. Visit us at to find out what services we offer.


We also understand that business professionals are people too. They have the same needs as anyone else in the world so we also offer personal services to assist our clients as well. You may ask yourself, Personal Services? What kind of personal services? Our Personal Services consists of Maid & Cleaning Services, Personal Assistants, Events Planner, Life Coaching, etc. Are you to busy to buy a great present for someone you know? Let one of our Personal Assistants help you. Maybe you work to much and haven’t cleaned your home, apartment, or condo in some time? If you need someone to clean, wash clothes, even prepare meals we can fit someone to match your needs.


Offering many services to our clients is what makes Akutagawa International unique. Not many Company’s can arange to have there client’s home cleaned, provide them with a commercial Real Estate Agent to assist them in selling property, offer Marketing and Advertising plans and get their clients noticed in other parts of the world. Visit our Bulletin Board to find out about events and ask questions about anything you like. View our Board in you browser link


Finding out what our clients need is an art. It takes time to get to know someone. Taking the time needed to assist you is something we take pride in. That is why when getting to know a business there is NEVER a per hour fee. Why is this? Because we only charge for the actual services when they begin. Our team already has questions for you. We want to know about you and your company that way we can assist you with a plan. We have to know what you are looking for and why. Most importantly we need to know what you have tried and what works and what doesn’t. 


We also offer many specials for our clients in the USA, and Overseas. Follow us on Twitter @AkutagawaUSA to get a promotion code and find out how you can get free services when you become one of our clients. Visit our Facebook page to find out about some of our other clients.




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