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People do Business with those they like. People act more on emotion, less on logic.


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How you treat people is very important. At Akutagawa International we understand the importance of this small gesture that can make a huge difference. Visit us at http://akutagawainternational.com to find out more about our services.

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People go into business with people that they like. No matter how amazing the facts and figures are if someone doesn’t like you as a person then they will choose not to deal with you. This is exactly why it is in your best interests to make it a point to treat everyone equally with love and respect because you never know who your next star prospect is or when your next high paying client is going to come into your life. In the business world it is pretty easy to see why it is a good habit to be all around nice guy because you allow yourself to appeal to such a wider demographic, which ultimately will lead to much greater success. People will be drawn to your strong character and as long as you have a solid business model you will have people ready and willing to…

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