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Can your business Adapt?



Being able to adapt is a surviving skill. It is a survivors skill in real life and also in business. Not everyone has the ability to adapt.


ADAPT: 1. make fit for, or change to suit a new purpose

                2. adapt or conform oneself to new or different conditions


We also hear other explanations such as adaptations are basically anatomical or physiological specializations which make an organism better-suited for its environment.


When doing business we as professionals must learn how to adapt to many different situations. This post was inspired by the article “Seven Strategies for doing Business in Times of Crisis” by Fabienne Fredrickson on, because it makes you think of how quickly you must react to certain situations.


When an individual is unable to accomplish this it can make or break them. Sometimes not adapting quickly enough to send the wrong message. Fredrickson gives a great example of this when addressing how a businesses scheduled social media posts during a tragedy can come across as disrespectful. No one wants to know how they can save money on designer bags when 100’s just died from a plane crash. Fredrickson’s suggestion is possibly offering resources during the tragedy which is an excellent idea.


Another situation would not be considered a tragedy; however a great example. The power outage during the Super Bowl. Brands, marketers, and advertisers used quick thinking. How can we relate our product to the blackout? Brands like Tide and Oreo got really creative gaining much exposure. Thinking in real time and posting in real time was genius.


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Strategic Management



Strategic management analyzes the major initiatives taken by a company’s top management on behalf of owners, involving resources and performance in external environments. It entails specifying the organization’s mission, vision and objectives, developing policies and plans, often in terms of projects and programs, which are designed to achieve these objectives, and then allocating resources to implement the policies and plans, projects and programs.


Now that we have the definition of what Strategic Management is now we will look at how this process assists businesses around the world in running effectively. Some do not understand the important of having some knowledge on the subject. Any business can benefit and it also gives higher ranking executives and managers a better understanding of business in a whole.


Strategic Management gives the people in charge the ability to develop clear goals, understanding of all of their markets, identify strength and weaknesses, as well as planning strategies for the future. There are several other break downs of the process that allow the higher ranks in making decisions that include:


Evaluating Strategy


  • Suitability; does the strategy effectively address the mission?
  • Feasibility; can it be made to work?
  • Acceptability; will stakeholders accept the strategy?




  • Does the strategy address the mission?
  • Does it reflect the organization’s capabilities?
  • Does it make economic sense?



  • cash flow analysis and forecasting
  • break-even analysis
  • resource deployment analysis


Everything stated above contributes to the Strategic Management process. Asking questions along with trial and error will always be a big part of the process but having answers to some of these questions can point executives and managers in the right direction.


Implementation is also important. It is always great when an idea or strategy works but we must also analyze the ones that do not. Some may need to be retired altogether but some may have potential but a new approach is needed. Before deciding to continue an investment in a product or service a proper analysis should be run.


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Marketing Strategy



Authored By: Lee Myung

                       Director of Business Services

                       Akutagawa International







What is Marketing?




Marketing is how you sit when you want to explain how great and awesome your product is and why people should buy it.




Marketing is an ad, a brochure, a press release, and now has become a facebook page or a twitter account.




Marketing to many business professionals, is simply selling at a larger scale.  The reality is that marketing sits at the intersection of the business and the customer.  The greater arbiter of the self interests of the business and the greater needs of the buyer.  As the global economy settles into a new normal of consistent doubt, marketing has several setbacks, such as identity problems, a brand perception gap, and maybe even a crisis of confidence.




    Marketing is not about who can talk faster, or close better. It’s about deep psychological understanding of customer needs.  Every innovation in the history of the world combined an uncanny understanding of human needs and the innovative vision to deliver ~Forbes Magazine




    There are four elements of marketing and defined as such in the 4 P’s.




        1.  Identification, selection and development of a product


        2.  determination of its price


        3.  Selection of a distribution channel to reach the customers place


        4.  Development and implementation of a promotional strategy




    Marketing is our way of strategy for allocating resources (time and money) in order to achieve our objective. (A fair profit for supplying a good product or service).




 How Marketing Helps Businesses?




    Marketing is the lifeblood and the backbone of any organization.  Without this, a business is as good as nothing.  Marketing conceives the product, prices it, distributes it among all the logistically feasible areas and promotes it the best way it should (Going back to the 4 P’s).  More so it also formulates the most effective stategy/ies in order for the business to cope up and meet the ever-changing and fast-paced trends and demands of the business environment.  It conducts, research, creates short, mid and long term plans and develops feasibility studies on whether a certain venture would become a click or match in the market.


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Relationship Advice



“Business networking is a socioeconomic activity by which groups of like minded business people recognize, create, or act upon business opportunities.”



Your business network is a very valuable resource for your company. Networking is, at its core, relationship-building. You are making a connection that stands to benefit the parties involved. There are a few ways to build your network. We will discuss a few in this article.


Lets keep in mind that anyone can be in your network. The reason I say this is because many people do know someone in business and can refer you or your company to someone else. I am not saying to put every person in the world in your network but keep that in mind when searching.


Getting in touch with the right people


This is important because everyone you meet will not be in the same industry as you. So now you must start researching how to get in contact with the right people. There are a few ways to do this.


Think of your industry and the different settings you can meet other professionals that share the same passion. This can lead you to your local Chamber of Commerce. Your Chamber of Commerce promotes networking between businesses. They can refer you to the right people or events that will help your company get in touch with the right people.


Expos, Trade Shows, Conferences


These events can help build your professional network almost immediately. Trade Shows, Expos, and conferences have many people within an industry in one spot. It also gives you information about other businesses, what they are doing, new approaches, etc. A business professional can meet others in their industry, share thoughts and ideas, and stay connected.


Networking in groups


When networking in larger groups or at events it is important to remember why you are there. You are participating to learn and to also make others aware of who you and your company are. Keep your information organized. Arrive early! This may seem simple since we want to be on time for important events; however some individuals do not like being the first at an event. The benefits are you can get a feel for the atmosphere and also set a tone.


Ask easy questions. No one likes to deal with really complicated things. When you are easy to understand and ask basic questions you let the people you are speaking with know your interested and then you can both decide if a more in depth route is the way to go. Capture the interest first.


LISTEN! I can not stress this more. You do not want to come across like your stealing the show. It is not all about you but about all of you. When you actively listen to others they do return the favor.


Ditching the sales pitch. Do not start off selling. Create a simple way to describe yourself and what you do. If someone is meeting you for the first time and ask your name, do not say “I’m Mike Johnson the CEO of INV Ventures who is the leading travel company on the east coast worth over 3 billion dollars.” That is a bit much. Some will think to themselves, Dude I just asked your name. Introduce yourself, your company, and then ask who they are. Become genuinely interested in the other person. Try not to hijack the conversation.


Share your passions and why you do what you do.


Remember to smile. This actually sets a tone and make you more approachable.


Remember to follow up! This is crucial. Try to do it within 48 hours of the event. You won’t seem to eager but also within a short time frame for people to remember who you are. Reference your conversation so they remember you. Offer a lunch meeting so you can get to know the individual better and they can learn more about you.



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Pregnant Business

Business will be giving birth in 2013 to a litter of new products and services. There are many companies coming up with fantastic things this year. Just like cute little puppies and kittens businesses will produce things that consumers will just have to hold and cuddle.

The same goes for businesses and exposure. 2013 is the time to be creative in targeting your markets. There are many routes that businesses haven’t traveled yet. On is the popular response from videos. Toyota got it right with their Camry Campaign staring Lee Min Ho. This is a mini drama series that is put together like your typical soap opera; however it is telling consumers how the Camry can help in somewhat difficult situations. For example, Lee Min Ho is suffering from amnesia and doesn’t know who he is. The doctor brings him to his car, where he sees different apps on the dashboard and he hits Pandora. Music starts playing and he gradually begins to remember who he is. This mini episode suggests that all other efforts were exhausted and it was the feature of the Toyota Camry that helped the patient. I must say it was quite interesting.

Another episode showed a high speed chase. Lee Min Ho’s character stops for gas and is captured in the bathroom. The people after him (His evil twin) claim that they couldn’t keep up because he was in a Toyota Camry. So as you can see the features of the car are put into each episode. The story line is interesting to keep the attention of the viewers along with potential customers.

I mention this in particular because I wonder how it would be if more businesses and brands used this method? If you wanted to know more about the true features of an iPhone you could just watch a mini series that will entertain you as well as give you valuable information about the product you may consider buying. Seeing how others use it in every day situations or how the features can assist your daily activity. This is an interesting new twist to marketing and advertising.

If we consider the many different products and services out there we can say there would be a lot of mini dramas. People around the world are interested in different things and businesses along with marketing and advertising agencies can use this to their advantage. Here is a thought, your company sells  electronics. Anything from smartphones to tablets. You decide that a lot of the features you have on these devices would help a lot of medical professionals when diagnosing and treating patients. You develop a small mini medical drama using the gadgets your company produces and show how these devices can help medical personell during work hours. It could be like Grey’s Anatomy meets Samsung.  Some may think this is a stupid idea but you will be amazed at how many clients and consumers like visual things. How many consumers watch television or movies? Online programs? Quite a few actually! How many people enjoy a great cop or law show such as Law and Order? CSI? A mini series about Law officials and their daily activities combined with a product watchers can possibly use? Businesses and brands stand to benefit from this. What’s even better is it doesn’t cost that much. Simple video is fine as long as it is edited properly and the video is of decent quality. You do not need to hire Michael Bay for your mini series unless you can afford him then go for it. 

Basic software can be used to produce video advertising and it can then be linked to a companies website, social networks, and sites such as Youtube. We must face it, Youtube is used by everyone from kids looking up music to professionals searching how to videos. Everyone is on it so this means you are targeting anyone who may have an interest in your product anywhere around the world. You will use genres to target your market. Develop a good horror mini series that shows how the advanced features on an android can help someone in a somewhat challenging position. There are many potential customers for androids that love horror. Again, this doesn’t have to be costly. Anyone with a webcam or video camera can do it. The next question businesses may have is ” I know nothing about video or editing!” Believe it or not this isn’t a big problem at all. Any business professional with children will tell you that your 14 year old can produce a pretty good mini movie with basic equipment. What will be the true challenge is the script.

Using video and short mini clips to advertise and market your business or brand will take time but most of that time is creating a mini script that will advertise specifically what you want your customers to know in each episode. To give you an idea if your product is a smartphone each mini episode can focus on one feature. This gets your audience interested and wanting to know more. They are more likely to come back for episode two to find out what the next feature will be. Potential customers will also want to see how the storyline plays out. 

This sort of marketing can work for any product and service so the creativity of companies can soar. 

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What Others Say Does Matter



There are so many products and services all around the globe. Businesses put their best foot forward when marketing and advertising and their efforts do drive revenue; however is it just marketing that brings people to purchase a service or product? This isn’t always the case. Consumers like to know the experience of other consumers. It makes perfect sense. I can advertise that Apple makes the best products. The only way to validate this is to have the opinion of Apple users. 

We also have to keep in mind that not every product or service our favorite brands put out will be great. People use certain things for different reasons. If you look at smartphones and laptops for example, depending on what you are using the device for will determine the type you get. If you are using your gadgets for business then you need a device capable of handling the job you wish to perform. Again, this is only half of it. Some people prefer to work with simpler platforms than others. Something very easy to navigate, while others enjoy figuring out great complicated apps that will make their daily tasks simpler. It depends on the consumers preference.

Bottom line, consumers like to know what other consumers are doing. What they are purchasing and why? If we decide that the Samsung Galaxy looks like something we want to buy we will look into what Galaxy users have to say. Everyone will have a different opinion but we will be able to read a few to kind of get a sense of how the product works and the satisfaction of the customers.

Some may argue that customer reviews now a days are mostly fake. This is also true, but when you read a product or service review you can tell if it is questionable. Looking for reviews that go into detail is also key. If the review says “It sucks!” and nothing else, that will make you wonder. Why does it suck? We need reviews that will give detail. If the product is great, then why is it great. Consumers will like a product or service for one main reason or a few. The truth is consumers prefer customer reviews more than critics. They prefer this because the consumers are going to say if a product isn’t what it is hyped up to be.

Even with everyday products we look to others for their opinion. This is also word of mouth marketing. People share information with other people. If something is great we want to praise it to someone else. If it is horrific we want to complain about it to someone. This is just how humans are. 

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This article was inspired by, author Bradford Williams article “Five rules for building engagement with product reviews. Visit to read full article